Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April poem no. 7

This is one of those found poems. I found most of the words on the menu of an Asian fusion restaurant in my home town. Both the food and decor were gorgeous. Unfortunately, its stay in business was short-lived so I won't both you with its name.

Recipe for Fulfillment

1. Pile chicken satays, sesame-crusted Char Siu buns, Manhattan summer rolls, Indian samosas and crab rangoons into a Dim Sum Tasting Tower

2. Stir fry tempeh with galangal, chilies, kaffir-lime and Javanese brown sugar

3. Mix Tom Kha Gai soup with Thai coconut chicken, lemon grass and galangal and ladle into fresh young coconut shells garnished with paper umbrellas

4. Prepare Komodo Dragoon salad with grilled beef, fresh greens tossed in lime and lemon grass dressing

5. Wok fire flat rice noodles with thin sliced beef, Chinese sausage, eggs sprouts and vegetables and one beef satay to create Malaysian Char Kway Teow

6. Make Chiang Mai by sautéing sliced chicken breasts with garlic, chili, onions, peppers, fresh basil and pesto. Pour around Jasmine rice on a square tea-green charger

7. Drizzle liquid sugar and sesame oil over composed Oriental sticky rice and fresh thinly-sliced mangos and strawberries for a cool and delicate dessert

8. Serve to the couple reclining on huge red satin pillows in the candle-lit corner booth by the window.

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