Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April poem no. 22

Today's April PAD challenge prompt is to write a work-related poem remembering there are different types of work, such as job-related activities, housework, exercise, volunteering, and in my case, working at looking young and trim.

So this prompt brought me back to the first reason I started this blog -- choices relative to the rest of my life.


Go to the gym
Dye my hair
Get botox injections
Get manicures and pedicures
Watch my salt and fat intake
Take vitamins
Eat healthy
Buy expensive clothes and shoes
Compete at work
Try to look younger
Try to compete with younger women
Lust after more diamonds
Believe that 60 is the new 30 (or 40)
Set impossible goals for myself

Quit my job
Cancel my gym membership or
Go to the gym and work out less
Stop dying my hair
Stop the potions injected into my face
Shop at Loehmann’s
Eat anything I want, anytime
Wear kimonos if I can’t fit into anything else
Have lunch out with friends
Write another book
Write more poems
Pay more attention to my spouse
Go to more plays, movies, and operas
Read all the books in my queue
Let it all hang out

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