Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April poem no. 28

Today's April PAD challenge prompt is to write a sestina (or else write a poem about a sestina). Since I've never written a sestina before I had to look it up. Here's a quick and dirty definition for those of you as dumb as I.

"You pick 6 words, rotate them as the end words in 6 stanzas and then include 2 per of the words per line in your final stanza.
Sestina: 6x6=39+3=39"

Because, as my husband says, I'm enumerate, I don't go for anything mathematical -- even poetry -- and I don't write poems in any other form than free verse. But, today I decided to give the sestina a try. Here's my lame first and probably last attempt.

My 6 end words are: poet, verse, rhyme, form, ghazal, write

Sestina Against Sestinas

The sestina is not for this poet
I would rather write without a form.
I like the spirit of free verse
and not bother finding words that rhyme.
So you can keep your sestinas and ghazals.
Just leave me be while I write.

It’s hard enough sitting down and writing
and living happily as a poet
without restraints like the ghazal
or any other poetic form.
For that matter don’t lay on styles like rhyming.
Free me to create my own Satanic verses.

Okay I know you know I do free verse.
It’s the only way I like to write.
But, if you insist I’ll try a rhyme
or two, just to show off my poetic
expertise. I can take on any form,
perhaps even dancing like a gazelle

someday. But, don’t you dare assign a ghazal
tomorrow. I’m going back to my free verse.
I’m picketing against your damn forms.
I want my way in what I write!
As you can see I’m one angry poet
So, let it be known, I refuse to rhyme.

Okay, okay, if I must I’ll rhyme
and even try my hand at a ghazal.
After all I’m an accomplished poet
I can show you my versatility
and be proud of what I write.
All because of you and your damn forms.

Yay, I’m almost at the end of this formality
and to my credit I haven’t rhymed
or let you have control over what I write.
Sure I could produce romantic couplets, called ghazals
just not today. I really do like my free verse
and keeping my independence poetically.

As you have seen my poems are free form
my verses are without the clutter of rhymes.
Now remember, ghazals and sestinas are not what I want to write.

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