Friday, April 24, 2009

April poem no. 24

We're spending the weekend at the La Quinta resort in La Quinta -- out in the desert east of LA. So, it must be time for a travel poem. I wrote this poem while in Maui a few years ago where the weather was similar to what it is today -- balmy, a little overcast, but warm enough to sit by the pool without a sweater. I like the feel of the breeze in my hair. I know, I know this is a Christmas poem, and today we're almost at full-blown summer. But like I said it's a travel poem. Maybe tomorrow I'll have one about where I am now.

Christmas in Maui

We come in twos, fours, hordes
family, friends, moms, dads,
young people – to bask in the hot sun
and balmy Maui trade winds.
Friendly natives welcome us with Leis
of purple orchids that must grow like weeds
they are so plentiful –
like the palm trees that sway in the breeze,
fragrant white plumeria,
hibiscus-patterned shirts and dresses,
rum drinks and sweet fresh pineapple.
Christmas in Maui is a mixed bag.
White sun belies a white and snowy
roof top for St. Nick’s sleigh to light.
Here trees are adorned with white orchids
and hula dancer ornaments.
Fake garlands display glittery pine cones
and a few red balls.
Poinsettias bloom next to pothos
and giant philodendron leaves.
Christmas here is not the same.
But no worry.
Snorkeling, careening down the water slide
fresh mahi mahi, sun bathing around the pool
running on the beach,
yoga by the waterfall,
taking long naps, and
ocean water so blue and warm we all get in
are sure to spoil us for our programmed lives back home.
Here we’ve gotten used to lazy Hawaiian time
and having a barbeque on the beach
with loved ones
this Christmas in Maui.

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