Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April poem no. 21

Today's April PAD challenge prompt is to write a haiku or an anti-haiku. Some traditional haiku poets insist on 17 syllables in lines of 5/7/5. Other contemporary haiku poets feel that the first and third lines can be any length as long as they're shorter than the middle line.

I wrote the following using the traditional approach. I posted the last one for the challenge since haikus normally have a nature theme.

My dream disturbed me
I clutched the canoe’s bottom
while the bird was saved.

I sit and drink tea
every morning at my desk
then I’m up for work.

The crescent moon shown
above the planet Venus
and then disappeared.

O’Keefe clouds overhead
spring blooms in rainbow colors
to exalt today.

Ben wrote a haiku (prompted by a photo) when he was in grade school. I kept it all these years because I thought it was so good -- much better than mine above.

The frog is staring
the turtle is on a rock
they both sit nicely.

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