Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April poem no. 14

Today's April PAD prompt is to write about love or anti-love. I turned a recent blog post about what is constant in my life into a poem. Not a grand attempt, but one that does the job.

OMGoodness -- I'm almost half way there in both challenges -- the Facebook challenge and my own challenge to write/post a poem a day during April, national poetry month - though I'm getting anxious for the end.

Love – A Constant in My Life

No matter what I do, what I say,
I know Bob loves me.
I see the look of his love
in his blue eyes,
and half smile
that shows just a hint of a dimple
when he takes my face in his hands.
Throughout all the
illnesses, deaths,
good economic times,
bad economic times,
over our 42 years together,
and times when his scientific mind
and my creative mind
don’t see eye to eye
our love endures.
Our tastes and needs don’t always jive.
But, no matter.
Our love is a constant.
I rely on it.
I cherish it.
I preserve it.

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