Sunday, April 5, 2009

April poem no. 5

Today's prompt for the April Poem-A-Day challenge is to write about a landmark. My poem says it all.

Launching A Landmark

I live in a land of landmarks –
the Hollywood sign,
the dinosaurs out in Cabazon,
the big brown donut (Inglewood’s claim to fame),
the light towers at LAX,
the hand and footprints of the stars
inlaid into the Graumann’s Chinese Theater patio,
and the giant windmills gracing the entrance
to our desert resorts.
All touristy and cheesy for my taste
except for the new sculpture
just down the street from my house.
Created from the I-beams salvaged
from the World Trade Center Towers,
it sits on our new City Hall property
aligned to echo how the buildings stood
in downtown New York.
But, I fear it hasn’t reached the landmark stage --
I don’t yet see hordes
of people gaping at it
with tears in their eyes
and sighs of remembrance.

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