Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April poem no. 29

Only one more day to go, and April poetry month will be over. I hope I haven't burned you out on my poems.

Today's April PAD challenge prompt is to title the poem "Never (blank)" and then fill in the blank with a word or phrase. Then, write a poem based off the title.

After yesterday's sestina I decided to do a very simple list poem today. Note that all the items on the list have to do with being up high or going fast. The title says it all.

Never Have, Never Will

Sky dive
Bungee jump
Hang glide
Parachute jump
Mountain climb
Ride in a hot air balloon
Base jump
Cliff jump
Free run
Motor cross
Ice climb
Skate board
Race a car
Jet ski
Rock climb
Try to teach a pig to sing

I know the last line has nothing to do with fastness or highness. I just couldn't resist a little change of tone. After all, I'm a poet. I have a license.

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