Friday, April 10, 2009

April poem no. 10

Today's prompt is to write about Friday. Do I like or despise Fridays? Or about something that happened on a Friday. Whatever!

I thought about writing about my company's every other off-Friday policy and how I hardly ever get to take them off. My sister suggested writing about Good Friday or TGIF. Well, I decided to be clever picked a name out of the past -- the character, Joe Friday, from the radio and then TV show, "Dragnet." And, guess what? I got ready to post my poem and the poem posted just ahead of mine was about Joe and the show too. What a bummer! I went ahead and posted anyway.

Here it is:


WOW! Friday, that sure brings up
a name from the past
Friday, Joe Friday,
Radio and TV detective, Joe Friday.
The man with the deep voice.
clipped sentences,
and dark hair clipped close
to his head,
was famous for the words,
“Just the facts, ma’am,”
after he introduced himself.
“My name is Friday – I’m a cop.”
I never tired of the show,
called “Dragnet.”
They don’t make them
like that anymore.

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