Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reminders are everywhere

We saw the Randy Newman show "Harps and Angels" last night -- an ensemble performance of his marvelous words and music. The graphics, skits associated with the music, and the band were excellent and very entertaining.

The band played in the back above the stage and wasn't visible throughout most of the show. That reminded me of the time Paul was in a band that accompanied the circus portion of the Texas State Fair in Dallas, Texas. His band was way above the stage and out of sight of the audience throughout the circus acts.

It's interesting where the reminders come from and how they hit me square in the gut when they appear - like when I was at a shopping mall and heard a some music Paul liked as a child.

Cat Stevens Then and Now

As I walked up the stairs I heard Cat Stevens singing
the familiar words of his song, “Morning has Broken,”
and there I was back in 1973
in our old gray Chrysler station wagon
with the wood trim and fake red leather seats
and Paul was sitting in the back
belting out the words with him. He was only two then
still clutching his green stuffed turtle for dear life
as we drove along.
His fat cheeks were rosy red, his blonde hair
cut like an upside down cereal bowl around his face.
Then I return to this day and my table at the
westside mall where the lunch crowd
is beginning to gather 
not knowing or caring how I grieve
for the chubby little boy sitting in his car seat
when so little made him happy.

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