Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paul and his grandpa

Paul and his grandpa (my father) loved each other. They hung out, they played, they took naps together - all before my father got sick with cancer and couldn't do those things anymore. Losing his grandpa was a big loss in Paul's life.

I love this photo of the two of them together. My father, a mostly serious kind of guy, always smiled when Paul was around.

Perhaps had his grandfather been alive, he would have been able to help Paul.

Stop a Suicide Today
Stop a Suicide Today is designed for family and friends - to teach them the warning signs and how to respond. Again, an organization that would have been tremendously useful to us.

If you suspect a friend, family member or co-worker is considering suicide, do not wait and see. Act now: acknowledge, show you care, and help your loved one get the treatment he or she needs. For more information go to:

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