Friday, December 10, 2010

A calm moment

Paul loved Joshua Tree, California. He and his girlfriend went there the spring before he died. I recently found this small piece of his writing describing one of their calm moments together.


The Joshua trees are a silent passerby to their secret marriage. An infinite universe of sand and stars envelops them as they look, gracefully, into each other’s eyes. She lies on her back with her hair splayed out on the thick blanket. He sits above her, caressing her face with his hand.

I've never been to Joshua Tree. Maybe someday though I think going there would be painful.

A lot of people in Paul's his life tried to help him, and he rejected most of the help they offered.  Perhaps help would have worked better had it come from people unknown to him.

Samaritans USA

This is a coalition whose primary purpose is to befriend people who are depressed, in crisis and suicidal.

 For more information about Smaritans USA go to:

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