Thursday, December 16, 2010

Like a Buddha

photo by Madison Poulter

Here are a few of the Buddhas in my collection. I began to gather them around me, not because I follow the religion, but because Paul always seemed so like a Buddha. He sat cross-legged in his room with his musical instruments or papers around him on the floor. He also had a very calm expression on his face during most of our conversations. He spoke slowly and clearly and looked me right in the eye. So I  have my Buddhas almost all over my house to calm me as well. 

The Link's National Resource Center for Suicide Prevention

The Link Counseling Center, located in Georgia since 1971, is a nonprofit community counseling center. The Link provides quality, affordable, confidential counseling, psychotherapy, and support groups to all ages.
In addition to counseling and psychotherapy services, The Link also offers three specialized programs: Suicide Prevention and Aftercare, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Children and Adolescents in Crisis and Grief besides community education, training, and supervision.
If you are in the Sandy Springs or Atlanta Georgia area find out more information about The Link at:

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