Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paul and John

Paul was a huge fan of John Lennon -- his music, his life, his whole personna. When he was killed Paul was devastated and he was only nine years old at the time.

One of my favorite John Lennon songs is "Beautiful Boy." Everytime I hear it, I think of Paul. Please go to the link below and listen. A beautiful song about a beautiful boy.

One of Paul's friends tried so hard to help him. He knew that Paul was in crisis, but Paul wouldn't let him in. Perhaps training at this next organization would have helped.

Life Savers

LifeSavers is a peer-support, suicide and crisis-prevention program developed to train young adults to be caring listeners in their interactions with their peers. It involves a team approach to helping teenagers cope healthfully with the challenges of drugs and alcohol, peer and family relationships, sexual issues, violence, academic problems, death and grieving, aggression, anxiety, and suicide.
  • LifeSavers is often the first line of defense for high school communities, because it uses our greatest assets in helping young people--the young people themselves.
  • LifeSavers trains selected students from 9th through 12th grades to be skilled listeners who can responsibly help other students deal with the emotional crises of adolescence. Students are not trained to be peer counselors, but to be listeners.
  • LifeSavers are also trained to recognize when a peer's problem is beyond their abilities and to know what resources are available to refer peers to for the appropriate help. 

For more information about Life Savers go to:

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