Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writing resolutions check-in

Besides writing I do participate in other creative activities - like seeing a wonderful art exhibit at LACMA called In Wonderland
This painting is by Frieda Khalo.

Time to revisit my 2012 writing resolutions (posted on January 1, 2012) and report how I’ve been doing.

First for the things I’ve accomplished.

  • I participated in the January River of Stones project, writing a small stone every day of the month.
  • I finished reading Doreen Cox’ Adventures in Mother Sitting and wrote and posted reviews for it. I overachieved in the review category, by finally writing and posting a review of Laura Mays Hoopes memoir Breaking the Spiral Ceiling: An American Woman Becomes A DNA Scientist.
  • And I’m happy to report that my novel writing has gone very well. I’m writing a bit more than the one thousand words a week that was my commitment.
  • I’m also writing a poem a week and writing my regular posts for NaturallySavvy and PsychAlive
  • One of my best accomplishments of the month was finally, with the help of Ben and Marissa, my son and daughter-in-law, posting a three-minute interview up on Marla Miller’s Women Over 45 Speak website. They directed and produced the video perfectly.

However, I haven’t been so successful in a few other areas.

  • I’ve fallen behind on posting every week on my Facebook poetry group pages, Poetry Pact and Poets. Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Artists ~ Networking Group – that is not to say I haven’t post at all. I’m averaging one every other week.
  • But, I haven’t entered any contests or calls for publication yet; though just this day I submitted a piece for the Seven Sentences blog. Does that count? No, probably not.
  • Also, I’m still weak in keeping up with other blogs – not that I’ve done no reading and commenting, just that I haven’t done enough.

So, not too bad for the first month. The main thing is that I’m writing and blogging a lot. And it’s all good.

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