Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Book clubs - a way to sell books

Two Tuesdays nights in a row I had the pleasure of being the guest of honor at book club discussions of my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On: A Mother’s Memoir of Living With Her Son’s Bipolar Disorder and Surviving His Suicide (Lucky Press, 2011).

Last week we had just a short question and answer discussion about the how I prepared the book and the benefits the writing of it had in my healing process. Only one person asked the questions.

Last night in a room full of fifteen or so women, the questions kept flying from each one of them, starting with did I think I left anything out of the book to how do I feel twelve years later as I speak about the loss of my son. Does it still affect me emotionally? We also discussed what stigma is and does it still exist, psychopharmacology versus talk therapy, jails versus hospitals in caring for the mentally ill, and whether or not I think my son’s former girlfriend has read my book (I don’t think so, but of course I’ll never really know).

I am so grateful to have had the chance for such intimate and pointed discussions – so much in keeping with my goal of making people aware of the truths about mental illness and suicide and how that awareness can possibly save lives.

I highly recommend my author friends out there to get invited to a book club or two. It’s a great way to spread the word about our books.


Glynis Peters said...

It must be good to get a group to actively talk amongst themselves. Often it can be just one or two who keep the momentum flowing. I love how different topics of conversation came from your personal book discussion, Madeline.

Oh, and your niece is so cute! :)

madeline40 said...

Thank you Glynis,
It was a very active group, and I hardly knew anyone there. I felt so honored that they even took the time to read my book.