Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Apple problems and woes

Technology can be wonderful, but unfortunately it can be frustrating as well. I’m not complaining; I’m fortunate to have a lot of it in my life. I just wish it were simpler to understand and maintain.

I was so excited to get a new iPhone because my old phone was giving me all sorts of troubles. Yet now I wonder if I should have stuck with my old one since the new phone is behaving much worse – at least so far. My major problem has to do with my calendar. After I moved to ICloud, I couldn’t see all my events on my phone. In fact, I couldn’t see them on my computer screen either. It was crazy making. 

After talking to five Apple technical experts yesterday and spending about three hours doing so, my calendar is working properly, but now my email isn’t. I suspect it’s a related problem that happened after the final merge last night. Luckily the last expert I spoke to sent me an email with his private extension. Hopefully I’ll get to speak with him soon, and he’ll be the problem-solving hero he claims to be. 

I’ve also gone to two One-to-One private trainings at my local Apple store in the last couple of weeks. That is also a trip. The people I spoke to are extremely knowledgeable, but they have trouble translating their knowledge and communicating it to the ordinary user like me. I’ve found that I have lots to learn about the basics – even after being an Apple user for years and years, but it is just grueling to get the information I need out of the experts.

And for sure I cannot relate to this new iCloud system. I loved MobileMe because it allowed me to store documents online and move them easily between my computers or use them from another computer at a remote site, but alas, iCloud doesn’t have that facility. So now I wonder why I’m bothering to use it at all. Well, I hear iCloud may go through a major change in June, so maybe all will be fixed to my liking – at least I can hope, can’t I?

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Barb said...

Hi Madeline, Came by for a visit and now must commiserate! iCloud doesn't work for me supposedly because my phone is too old. (I'm going to update when iPhone 5 comes out.) Meanwhile my calendars won't sinc. It's crazy-making! On another rant - I dislike the new Blogger antispam which sometimes takes me three tries to get right. Noticed you've been attending lots of writers' workshops/conferences. I'm going to check if your book is out now on Kindle.