Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm querying again

Well, I’ve already sent out mini query letters to a couple of recommended prospective publishers. I’ve included information about my book and links to sample chapters of my memoir Leaving the Hall Light On, and I’ve told them I’ll have all the files in native QuarkXpress and pdf. So if they want to add my book to their portfolios it should be a slam-dunk. Plus I’m not interested in another hardback run. I would prefer a paperback and/or e-book.

I've also made a little pitch about my current writing work with links to my blogs Choices and Red Room, and to the PsychAlive and Naturally Savvy websites, where I blog every month. 

And now the waiting begins.

I hate this part. The querying and waiting.

I thought I wouldn’t have to do it again until I’m ready to market my novel.

And, now I wonder if it is even worth it. 

Readers, I need your advice on this one. Should I even try to find a new publisher or should I just go ahead and self-publish?

What do you think?


February Grace said...

Thinking of you, my dear. *hug*

Dody said...

My best offer to you is also *hug* *hug* *hug*. One each for your body,mind and spirit. Since I haven't walked in those shoes, "I don't know" fits. I do applaud the choice to ask :)) On Facebook, Sonia Marsh's Gutsy Indie Publishers, I've noticed a lot of posts relating to publishing. Scroll down a ways and see what is there since you are casting out the net to see what may be there. Meanwhile, one more *hug* for the road :-)

madeline40 said...

Thank you bru. Hugs back to you, dear and caring friend. xoxo

madeline40 said...

Dody, thank you too for all the hugs. And for the suggestions. I've also got a discussion going on LinkedIn. Right now, I'm taking my time.
Hugs back to you as well, my friend. You are such a dear. And very helpful. xoxo