Monday, May 28, 2012

Vacation poems and photos

When we travel I challenge myself to write a poem a day. And this past vacation to New England, Boston, NYC, and Washington DC was no different. Here's a small sampling with photos.

Still leafless in Vermont

In New Hampshire

The sparsely leafed birches scintillate
amidst the spring trees
along the road
Their barks, like diamonds,
bring sparkle
to the forest floor.
Even with full foliage
in limes, reds,
and emerald greens
their fellow trees
cannot compete.




Three Domes
We traveled around the states
of Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire
knowing there was
no way we’d see everything.
Those states are much too large
and overwhelmingly rural.
But we made up our minds
to see each state capital
and take photos of the domes.
In Montpelier and Augusta 
there was no missing them
they were gold and shining.
The Concord capital dome
is a dull green.

With George and Barbara Bush

This morning I joked
about seeing Barbara Bush
at the local grocery store.
I wanted to say hi
to Babs and the woman
I only knew from press interviews.
What more could I expect
as a first-time visitor to her
Kennebunkport Maine hometown?
Never giving it another thought
we sat down at dinner tonight
at Grissini’s, the recommended Italian spot
and there just in front of me
sat Barbara with one
unidentified man at her side
and another whose back faced us,
so we had no idea who he was.
Only after they paid their bill
and the man across the table from Barbara
was helped to his wheelchair
did we realize he was the
former president George H. W. Bush.
Surrounded by brawny secret service detail
they stopped at our table,
shook hands, and graciously
posed for photos with us.
Politics has nothing to do with it
He was our president from 1988 to 1992
and I respect that.
And I have a photo to prove it.

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