Thursday, May 31, 2012

More trip photos and poems

Inside a covered bridge in Stowe, VT

 Silverware sculpture in Kennebunkport ME

 Alex Katz at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts

Alex Katz painted huge portraits
of his wife and daughter and son
in black and white
and bold colors
that show no evidence
of brush strokes.
His facial expressions emerge
with minimum shading.
He carries out his effects
with large staring eyes,
couture fashions,
those black-rimmed Jackie O sunglasses,
and flowing hair and limbs.
His work makes me
want to paint again.

 Dale Chihuly glass sculpture at the MFA

 We saw the Red Sox win in the rain
5-0 against the Seattle Mariners

The High Line

An old railroad track high
above the city along Tenth Avenue
has become a park land.
The tracks are still there for effect,
And so are models of the coal
that was hauled along them
way back in the 1930s.
High above the city
birds have found an oasis
amongst the plush plants and trees
while hordes of people walk
along a cement path
all the way from 12th street to 32nd.

The best part,
this narrow piece of real estate through
NYC’s downtown westside
has inspired an outburst of renovation
and new city pride.

 Asian art at the Smithsonian Freer Museum

 At the National Gallery's sculpture garden

I always stop to see the Vermeers

I felt rejected when
the guards at the
National Gallery said
the Vermeers were not
available for viewing yesterday.
How could they treat me this way
I wanted to know.
But they were back up on display
this morning
when we went back,
more brilliant, more detailed
more masterful
than ever before.

 What a powerful piece - the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial

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