Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2012 writing resolutions

It’s time to get back to my writing life again. I know this list looks daunting but it’s not much more than I’ve already been doing for the last six months or so. But I must say that writing this all down makes it seem more ambitious.

Hopefully, this list will encourage my writing readers to join me.

·         Participate in the January River of Stones project – notice something properly and write a small piece (stone) about it every day this month

·        Finish Doreen Cox’ Adventures in Mother Sitting book and write a review

·        Read and comment on other writing blogs to get ready for a May blog tour promoting the release of the eBook and paperback editions of Leaving the Hall Light On

·       Write a thousand words a week on my novel

·       Write at least one poem a week – use Robert E. Brewer’s prompts at Poetry Asides as a jump start

·        Enter a poem into a contest or for publication at least once a month

·        Post a poem a week on my Facebook poetry group pages, Poetry Pact and Poets. Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Artists ~ Networking Group

·        Continue with my once a month posts for Naturally Savvy and PsychAlive

·        Get my three- minute video up on Marla Miller’s Over 45 women speak website

·        Start meeting with a writing group

·        Write, write, write, journal, journal, journal and blog, blog, blog (here and on Red Room) – just do a bit of writing everyday


Barb said...

WOW! You are really setting the bar high, Madeline! I am barely keeping up with River of Stones and a weekly on Live and Learn! But, I know you'll write, write, write. I'm happy to read about your ebook coming out for Leaving the Hall Light On. May your 2012 have one good thing after another coming your way.

madeline40 said...

Thanks for coming by, Barb. You're right, it is a high bar. But it's just the way I have to work.
I wish you all good things in 2012 as well. Let's stay in touch. xoxo