Thursday, July 7, 2011

Radio interview report

My first radio interview, on Smart Women Talk Radio, started at eight in the morning Pacific time last Tuesday, July 5. I called in and talked to the producer, and then the co-hosts, Katana Abbott and Vicky Trabosh came on for a little off-the-air chat. They explained they would talk amongst themselves for the first few minutes of the show, introduce me, and then we'd do the interview - like having a conversation, they said. Five minutes before the hour was up, they'd say goodbye to me and finish the show.

So in all, I'd say I was on the air about forty-two minutes. 

They had asked for questions in advance, so I was very prepared with my answers to the ten I provided. In fact I had my notes up at the ready on my computer screen. However, the interview turned out to be pretty much off the cuff. And like the interview I had for the article in my local Beach Reporter newspaper, that was just fine with me since I know my material cold. I listened to the recording this morning. and it is clear that I answered all the questions without any hesitation though I could let go of using “um” so many times.

But, you can listen for yourselves, and let me know if you agree with one of my friends who says I came across: weighty and serious with a loving tone.

Here's the link:

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