Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thoughts about Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony

I didn’t follow the trial. I hardly knew any details until the verdicts came in yesterday, so I can’t and won’t comment about whether I think she is innocent or guilty. Who am I to have an opinion about that? Besides that's been decided already.

What I do know is that Casey Anthony ended up with a dead child. I know what that feels like because I also had a child who died. It is a parent’s worst nightmare. What I’ve seen in the news since the verdict is not one bit of sympathy for Casey Anthony because of that.

I find that curious and cruel. This woman has lost everything and probably herself as well. This woman hasn’t even had a chance to grieve for this child. Isn’t it about time we let her alone to do that?

The media must stop trying cases outside the courtroom and get a little compassion. 

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