Monday, July 4, 2011

My first radio interview - tomorrow July 5!

I'll be on: 

Smart Women Talk™ Radio Upcoming Guest
Heard online around the World and in Seattle on 106.9 HD Channel 3

Tomorrow morning - July 5th, 2011

My hosts: Katana Abbott (left) and Vicky Trabosh (right)

A little background. I met Vicky Trabosh, one of the hosts of Smart Women Talk, when I went to Portland over my birthday weekend. My sister Sheila took me to a luncheon and fashion show at their University Club and immediately upon entering she introduced me to Vicky. And as soon as Vicky heard about my book and its subject matter she asked me to be on her show. I of course said yes immediately.
      I sent out a list of questions with information about my book, including my bio and photo a couple of weeks ago. This week the folks producing the show got back with all the information and a page on their website devoted to me and their interview with me.
      Today I’ve been busily sending out emails, posting information about the interview on Facebook, and I created a Facebook event. I had to hand click every box on my list of over 850 Facebook friends. What is it with Facebook that it doesn’t have a Select All feature? All that clicking definitely makes my arm sore.

      Tomorrow I plan to post links again on my Facebook friend and author pages and the other pages I’m connected to: Putting a Face on Suicide, Loss of An Adult or Young Adult Child, Suicide Loss, Grieving Mothers, Poetry Pact, Poets, Writer, etc., and the Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Society. I’ll do that before the show starts at eight in the morning Pacific Time.
      I’ve also put up some documents on my computer screen: answers to the questions, my bio, and I have at the ready a short excerpt and a poem to read – just in case they ask. I really have no idea what to expect except that I know the show will last an hour. It’s definitely exciting. 
      Like Ben and I used to say before his tennis matches: he was excited, not nervous. That’s exactly how I feel right now.


February Grace said...

Congratulations, Madeline! I hope it went just as you hoped!


madeline40 said...

Thank you, bru. It did go very well. I'd love to hear how you're doing. xoxo