Friday, June 3, 2011

I love my garden

Sun Tipped Leaves

An Isolation Poem

Every day I isolate myself in my office.
I sit there for hours
looking out my window
at my cement pool and fountain.
And I write a little in between.

I like the isolated space to do my work
I like that my husband stays away
I like the solitude and quiet.

And I like that as the trees rustle outside,
their leaves tipped with sunlight,
I can’t hear their sway
I can’t hear their song. 


Jamie Keifer said...

Love it! You made this poem yourself? It's nice, Madeline! Anyway, your garden looks peaceful and relaxing. Do you hang out here most of the time?

Jeremy Beauregard said...

The poem is so personal, but I like it, Madeline. :] I think you should never remove the fountain in that part of your garden looking out the window. First, it’s a good thing to have at least one water element there, for a more dynamic landscape. Second, it obviously relieves your stress. -->Jeremy Beauregard

Shona Martinez said...

I agree with Jeremy. That fountain is decorative and functional, so you should keep it there! ;) Your garden really looks so beautiful and peaceful to me. It reminds me of those Asian-inspired gardens I see on magazines! It’s nice!

Shona Martinez