Sunday, June 5, 2011

My WOW-Women on Writing blog tour starts tomorrow

Here's my blog tour schedule. I hope you'll stop at all these interesting blog sites. And don't worry. I'll keep reminding you where I'll be throughout the month.

June 6
The Muffin
Tour Launch Interview
Host: WOW-Women on Writing

June 7
White Elephants
Host: Chynna Laird
Guest post: My Experience Raising a Child with Bipolar

June 8
Writing Come Hell or High Water
Host: Beth Morrissey
Guest Post: It Takes a Village to Write a Book

June 9
The Gift
Host: Chynna Laird
Guest Interview and Book Review

June 10 
A Slice of Life
Host: Linda Hoye
Guest Post: And You Thought You Were Done: The Revision Process

June 13
Rage Against the Washing Machine
Host: Amanda Lebron
Guest Post: Does the Stigma of Mental Illness Still Exist

June 14
A.L.L. Between the Lines
Host: Amanda Lebron
Book Review

June 15
Words from the Heart
Host: Linda Neas
Guest Post; How to Survive the Death of a Child

June 20
Thoughts in Progress
Host: Mason Canyon
Guest Post: Not Another Casserole: Comforting a Grieving Parent

June 21
Mother Daughter Book Club
Host: Cindy Hudson
Guest Post: Does the Stigma of Mental Illness Still Exist

June 22
Women’s Memoirs
Kendra Bonnett
Guest Post: My Experience Writing Leaving the Hall Light On.

June 23
Host: JH Siess (Janie)
Guest Post: Using Memoir Writing to Deal with Grief

June 27
Host: JH Seiss (Janie)
Book Review

June 28
The Cottage Bookshelf
Host: Kimberly Scott
Guest Post: The Support Services Available to Families Dealing with Mental Illness

June 29
National Association of Memoir Writers
Host: Staci Motherwell
Guest Post: The Journey from Aerospace Writer to Creative Writer

July 1
Women’s Memoirs
Interview: My Experience with a Book Blog Tour and the Marketing and Selling of My Memoir

Many thanks to my WOW Blog Tour coordinator, Robyn Chausse, for arranging all these interesting and challenging tour stops.

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