Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We need healing thoughts

Two weeks ago my brother-in-law, R, got the results of a final test that showed he indeed had Stage 2 lung cancer, and he was told to come back to see a surgeon this week. Waiting two weeks seemed a little cavalier to me. After all cancer is nothing to take one’s time about. But he seemed okay with it until yesterday, when the surgeon told him that another tiny spot was found on his other lung. If this new spot is malignant, it means that his cancer is spreading even before he has surgery to remove it from the first location – his left lung and three lymph nodes associated with that lung.

Anyway, this all started several months ago. During a routine physical exam prior to knee replacement surgery his doctors discovered that he had a heart blockage that needed fixing before he could undergo the knee surgery. That surgery happened and once he was fully recovered, he went back to his doctor in preparation for knee surgery once more. And, that is when more tests revealed he had suspicious spots on his left lung. Again more tests – two showed nothing, the final one – a PET scan - showed the hot spots.

Right now we’re thinking good, healing thoughts that the spot on his right lung is benign and he can proceed to surgery to remove the cancer on his left. Otherwise all bets are off, and his cancer will be Stage 3 or greater.

Please think good healing thoughts with us.

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