Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beard or not?

I've never been an admirer of facial hair -- or hairy chests and backs for that matter. Maybe it's because my first husband was a very hairy guy and I wanted to get as far away from anything like him as possible when I made up my mind to leave that marriage.

My current husband, who when shaved has wonderfully soft and smooth skin, has grown a beard a couple of times during our 42 years together. The first time -- back in the late 70s -- it looked sparce and straggly, and in my biased estimation pretty ugly. This last time was two weeks ago. And, he's received a lot of kudos about how good it looks -- not from me of course. I don't like how it feels and I personally think it makes him look a lot older. And, I can't see anything attractive about a lot of white hair stubble growing on someone's face.

So you be the judge -- prebreard and two weeks growth:

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