Monday, December 10, 2012

Meet my dear friend, Keith Hamilton, poet and cell-phone photographer

I think I was one of the first to join Keith’s Facebook group Poets, Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Artists, etc., and as such we developed a mutual admiration for each other’s work. Keith offered to showcase my work on his Hamilton Gallery and has been very generous in promoting my work ever since. My husband and I had dinner with Keith when we were in Boston last spring, and we became devoted friends. We’re also talking about collaborating on a poetry and cell-phone photography project. More about that later.

Keith’s style is earthy. He doesn’t pull any punches. And he has a heart of gold – all he wants to do is save the world.

How and Why I Publish
By Keith Alan Hamilton

I’m a Publisher, editor, poet, writer and cell-phone photographer.  I have a mind that fires on all cylinders; I think and think and think about everything, often to the point of mania, which leads to mental fatigue with extreme lows of prolonged depression.  I have thought of suicide so often, I’ve gotten used to it as a part of me being me.  

As far as me as an artist, I have been developing my spiritual philosophy, style of writing (poetry, prose, sayings, etc.) and photography for many years. My words and photos are rooted within the nurturing arms of my hero, my Polish/German mother, who filled me with her willpower and loving temperament. They are also deeply influenced with the character of my Scot Irish grandfather, who was a master storyteller and could hold his audience spellbound for hours on end. My words and photos often reveal the cultural flavor representative of where I was born. I was raised in the USA, a small place called Freeland, Michigan.

If I were asked to describe my style, I would say it embodies the everyday spirit of a Norman Rockwell illustration, a sort of raw Mark Twain individuality and the perfectionist mannerism captured in an Ansel Adams photo. It is my hope that my everyday style, that unique flavor tasted within the emergence of my words and photos, will appeal to a broad spectrum of people around the world.

At Keith Alan, I am an online publisher who provides the creative spirit greater distribution and readership over the Internet free of charge. The two websites I publish online are The Hamilton Gallery and  They are what I call living documents (works of art in progress).  It is my vision to create over the Internet, a freely accessible publishing environment by way of a flip book technology.  Online, people can view (free of charge) the evolving creative process of my artwork, as well as other artists featured (a networking collaborative of Poets, Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Artists, etc.).  Why? I am a firm believer that creativity breeds creativity and the more creativity that is shared with others, where people observe and experience the entire creative process from start to finish, will benefit all humanity. By seeing the struggle to bring forth works of art the people of the world from young to the old too, will be inspired to be more creative themselves. They will be encouraged to bring forth works of art in word and image to be shared with others, which will collectively provide positive change for all humanity.

By allowing artists the opportunity to showcase their artwork, be published through this flip-book technology at my web sites, free of charge to them, over a freely accessible medium like the internet, a larger audience of people can experience, view and read their style of artwork. Many artists, me included can get published at a relatively moderate cost today; however, many of us are not promoted and distributed to the point where our creations can be viewed and/or read by others on a large scale. Many artists are not as concerned with getting rich or being famous, but rather if their work, their creations are being widely viewed and/or read, shared and enjoyed by others. That is my heartfelt hope, my vision in forming this collaborative of the best artists in the world, is that they get widely distributed for the lasting benefit of humanity as a whole.

Keith’s links:

The Hamilton Gallery  ~  Online: an Artist Collaborative of Words, Images and more..... Let’s Survive, Not Die!

My online book Nature  ~  IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die!  Will be published in print by Inner Child Press before the end of the year.

My Youtube video 


~Keith Alan Hamilton~ said...

Thank you, Madeline for taking the time to feature my work at your blog. You truly are one of the most fabulous human being's I have met in my life. Not are you one of my dearest friends, but your life and your work inspires me. I look forward to our collaboration together after the first of the year. Thank you again! ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

madeline40 said...

Dear Keith. I'm thrilled that you are here today. And I'm thrilled to be your dear friend. The feeling is entirely mutual. And I very much look forward to our poetry and photography project next year.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday. xo Madeline