Sunday, December 23, 2012

Marilyn larger than life

We recently spent a couple of days in the Palm Springs, California area - ostensibly to see the 26-foot tall (equivalent to about three stories) and 34,000 pound statue of Marilyn Monroe, built out of stainless steel and aluminum. 

We also spent some time with some dear friends who live year-long in the desert. But for me the highlight was Marilyn. The statue, called "Forever Marilyn,"  created by sculptor, Seward Johnson, now age 80, will be in downtown Palm Springs until June 2013. 

Photos taken with my cell phone

Still Life

I walk up behind her.
Her champagne-colored skirt
billows up showing
her matching panties,
and long straight legs
spread wide.
I walk around
to see her face on
and find a Marilyn
smiling, happy,
her red lips parted,
eyes closed.
She holds her skirt
to keep the wind
from flying it up in front.
as a pleated halter
in the same champagne color
keeps her breasts
exactly in the right place.
This Marilyn,
strong, substantial,
built larger than life,
belies the insecure,
melancholy Marilyn
who left us
over fifty years ago. 

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