Monday, July 16, 2012

What's happening this week

Whew! It’s been a long and hard three months – actually two weeks short of three months – but well worth the effort. After Lucky Press went out of business on April 30, I was fortunate to find a new and most wonderful new publisher Dream of Things in record time.

Since then – about the early part of June – we have been working at getting the book and all the ancillary products ready to go. I think when this Friday comes along, when I’ll have a new paperback edition and updated bookmarks in hand, I’ll breathe a big sign of relief. They will be ready just in time for my book selling opportunities over the weekend and next week at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference where I’m participating on two panels and during my annual poetry workshop and retreat at Esalen, Big Sur California. What great timing for a stay at Esalen! It’s a perfect place to unwind.

Because I know how tired you must be at hearing all of this stuff since April 30, I’m bringing a real breath of fresh air to Choices on Wednesday. Daisy Hickman, who writes the most spiritual, mellow, and calming blog I know – SunnyRoomStudio – will be my guest. She’ll be expressing her views on the beauty of books as wonderful ways to share our diverse experiences and ideas. Please come back here on Wednesday, July 18 to read what Daisy has to say while experiencing her beautiful and calming voice for yourself.

Daisy Hickman

Also, if you live in Los Angeles, think about attending the Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference. I’ll be moderating the panel titled:  “Can You Write Poetry for both Fun and Profit?” at 2:15 pm on Friday, July 20 and participating in another panel titled: “Building a Platform – How to Promote Yourself and Your Work” at 2:00 pm on Saturday July 21.

PS: A new paperback edition of my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On, is already available for preorder at Barnes & Noble

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