Thursday, July 12, 2012

A spring poem

I love Robert Lee Brewer's poetry prompts. He gives one out once a week except during poem a day challenges in April and November. I don't always do them on time or in order, but I eventually get through them. I guess he prompted us to write a spring poem at first bud. I'm a little late, but here it is.

I lay on the Pilates reformer
and push on the foot bar,
in and out, in and out.
My feet, first in the second position
at the corners of the footbar
then in first position at the center
with my heels locked tightly together,
I keep pushing and pulling.
Two red and one green springs
determine the weight
for these exercises.
And as my legs move back and forth
the springs squeak,
they yearn to stop,
they want to do no more work.
But I keep going.
I don’t listen to their moans
never giving those springs
a rest.

1 comment:

Dody said...

Your poem brought me right into your experience, Madeline. I am moaning/groaning looking at that contraption! Good thing your bones can work it :) Me? I started swimming again. My spirit is ecstatic! Just had to make the time..the room in my life,now caught up internetheaven :)