Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family photos

I was practically obsessive about taking family photos – especially toward the end of Paul’s life. Like I had some sort of premonition. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of early ones without my mother in them. She never wanted to be left out, and she always stood right up front and center. 

This first here was at the time of Paul’s graduation from grade school. The last was just a few months before he died. 

I am so fortunate to have this many. (Scroll down, there's a poem at the end.)

First Trophy

So after all
the dishes are washed
and put away
and she checks her emails
one last time
before closing her computer down,
she comes across an old photo,
a little crumpled
and faded
of her boy at age five,
her first-born son.
His blonde hair cut like
an upside-down cereal bowl
around his face,
his dark blue eyes twinkling,
his wide smile showing a gap
where his two front teeth should be,
he proudly holds up his
first soccer trophy
to the camera.
And she wonders if
she had hugged him more
would he be alive
and smiling today.


Janice said...

Beautiful family photos, Madeline. Some that are new to me. I'm so glad that you had these taken. Thank you for sharing them!

madeline40 said...

Thanks, Janice. I tried to pick a few photos that aren't in the book of the boys together and of the whole family. I'm missing one. I can't find it, but when I do, I'll add it.
Thanks for stopping by Choices.

ShaunaKelleyWrites said...

A really beautiful poem, and some amazing photos. Thank you for sharing.