Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's not always about me

It’s time to get out of the funk. It’s time to concentrate on my writing work – the thing I always turn to get me out of the deep mud.

Last week I began working on my novel again and I’m fulfilling my goal of writing about 300 words a day. That’s just about enough since I still am writing my own blog plus pieces for other sites. I just love having so much writing work to do. I can’t think of a better way for me to spend my time.

But my life isn’t all about work. Last weekend we saw Mozart’s “Cos Fan Tutte” (Women Are All Alike). It is categorized as opera buppa – comical opera. And it fits that definition perfectly. The most comical parts for me were the five characters singing all at once but singing different words with Mozart’s brilliant score keeping up with them. The plot is hysterical though at times uncomfortable. The two main male characters are convinced that they must test their lover’s fidelity, but in finding out that the women, who are “all alike,” can be enticed to be unfaithful, are being unfaithful themselves. So in reality the joke is on them. And by the end it is never clear if the women end up marrying their original lovers or the ones they are unfaithful with.  What is clear is that they all are reminded to look at life’s realities and be able to live with them.


Also, it’s time to think of others: my friend Jerry who has a neurological problem that is robbing him of his ability to walk, my friend Linda whose brain, which isn’t working properly and is currently being tested for cause, is scaring her to death, and Jason, Alice and Richard’s son, who is waiting for a heart transplant. In this week of the Jewish High Holidays and beyond, these folks need good healing thoughts that they will all be perfectly well by this time next year, and hopefully before.

Another person constantly in this mix, is my husband, Bob. While we were traveling last month he experienced a lot of back and neck pain – we think caused by the wet climates and salty food. However since we’ve been home he’s had a sprained back and just this past weekend a swollen and stiff knee. Ice and rest are helping. But to have his knee spontaneously swell up for no obvious reason is very distressing.

So here are good healing thoughts for a happy, healthy, and sweet new year. Flowers are healing too, like the stargazers Sheila and Tom sent us last week.

Stargazer Lilies - so beautifully fragrant


Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them -- best wishes for a happy new year. And thanks for the tip on the Mozart opera. I haven't seen an opera in years, but this one sounds good.

Lois said...

I came over at your invitation on LinkedIn. Love the tone and content of your blog. I, too, and an older writer and my past career was teaching psychiatric nursing. My thoughts are with you on this anniversary of your son's death.

madeline40 said...

Sorry I took so long to respond to both your comments. I appreciate your coming over to my blog.

Minnesota, I encourage the Mozart opera. It is a lot of fun with of course, Mozart's absolute brilliance.

Lois, we even as we get older have to keep busy with something. What better way to do it than writing.

I hope you'll both come back. Best, Madeline