Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stanley revisited

We are still thinking about Stanley, the Ford Focus that saved our son's life. I've written this ode in Stanley's honor:

Ode to Stanley

I really didn’t know you very well.
Once in a while you stayed out
on the curbside of my home
or you picked me up
so Ben and I could go to lunch.
I never thought much about you.
You were small and gray –
a rather drab gray at that.
But you served Ben well.
Got him where he wanted to go.
Lately he was thinking of giving you to Marissa
and getting another car for himself –
maybe his dad’s Camry – also gray.
What is it with these dull gray cars?

Then one night you showed your true stuff,
that you were not that drab after all.
Even when you were hit
three times on the freeway
pushed from one lane to the next
like in a bumper car derby
until you finally stopped in the fast lane,
facing the oncoming traffic,
with your front end falling off
and dents all over your body,
you proved your worth. You sacrificed
your life for your driver’s.
That’s what I call
valor, living up
to your safety first reputation.
And for that I’m so thankful – you
saved my son’s life – you
saved all our lives.

And after all that
they’ll just smash you into a little cube.
Well, perhaps you’ll get recycled
into an even better
Ford Focus.
Yes, definitely you should be reincarnated.
And if you are,
maybe I’ll be lucky to have you
as my own.

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