Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A schedule - in stone!

I’ve gotten my marching orders. Janice, my Lucky Press LLC publisher, and I worked out a book preparation and publishing schedule that works well for both of us. And, I’m excited about it. Like all of the work I did on proposals in the aerospace industry there is a beginning, middle, and end – and plenty of time for reviews along the way. It also makes the end product seem more and more real. I have to keep pinching myself to believe that this is actually happening – and happening to me!

Here’s what the schedule looks like. I will have the book to Janice on October 31 for her review – also send any photos for consideration for the cover. Janice will return the book to me with her notes on November 15. I’m so fortunate. She says she trusts that all the helpful professional help I’m getting now will preclude any major rewrite requests from her. I’ll then return a final electronic file back to her on December 18 – my choice. I want to be free of all memoir work during the last two weeks in December in case we decide to travel then. Between January 15 and 25,  2011, I will review the book’s final layout and cover design and return any changes on January 26. A few more major dates include: send out review copies on February 15, release book on May 9, Mother’s Day, and release an eBook on November 9, 2011.

Though the schedule looks tight it’s doable. Believe me, I’ve marched to much tighter schedules in the past. 

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