Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another book revision progress report

It’s really coming along. I’m down to the last chapter in my first revision pass. I still have lots of moving around and repetition deletions to do, but I’m feeling more confident that the book has now taken on the right shape. And, my storyboards are a big help. I can see where each chapter best belongs by having the whole book posted. I also have highlighted my problem-child text in yellow, so I can see where I need to go back and revise again.

Once this first revision is complete, I’m going to ask Janice to give it a preliminary look – about the end of September. Then all I’ll have to do once she’s finished is get it ready for her final edit and galley prep. Did I say, all I’ll have to do? I suspect it won’t be that simple. Even when the words are in their proper place I’ll still have to put it in the required manuscript form and adhere to the Lucky Press style guide. That alone could take weeks.

I also didn’t mention that one of my friends is currently editing it as well. She has the first four revised chapters. And, she warns me that she is tough – she got her training at Oxford University Press.  So, I suspect I’ll have plenty of notes from her.

Another step in the process is to have Marlene, who read the book this past spring, look at the book’s organization one last time. Her advice about what to put where and what to move has been brilliant. I am so lucky to have such talented and willing-to-help friends.

Another one of my writing projects, The Emerging Goddess, has come to the forefront again. Paul Blieden, the photographer, has self-published a few copies and has successfully sold them at a few art fairs recently. So, we’ve decided to push to sell more. I’ve posted a link on Facebook, and he’s begun a huge email campaign. I was so thrilled when Paul asked me to write the poems for the book – just about four years ago. I was in the doldrums writing depressing stuff about Paul, and having another subject to write about was just what I needed. He told me that one of the people who purchased the book had tears flowing down her face as she read it.

One of these days I hope we find a proper publisher for this beautiful book. But, in the meantime, I’m very happy it’s getting out there. It was a labor of love for both of us. Here's the link:

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