Sunday, August 22, 2010

Foam board and Facebook - my writer's helpers

I finally found a material that will work to storyboard my book. Rather than Micore Board which is quite heavy, I took my publisher, Janice’s suggestion to check out foam board. And I found a product called FOME-COR that I can purchase within 30 minutes from my home. It’s light-weight, it doesn’t need to be painted, it’s the right height for me, and it’s much cheaper than Micore. I’m going to pick up 10 4x6 foot boards tomorrow that cost $10.25 a piece. Picking it up myself will also save me $50. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Besides my book work I’ve also been busily trying to drum up interest in my book by using Facebook and Twitter. One of my activities has been inviting my Facebook friends to become fans of my Madeline Sharples author page where I post about my book revision progress, my writing tips, writing tips and quotes from other authors, and any other material that’s relevant to getting my book to my publisher on time and in great shape. Plus, I want to make sure I have a large audience ready to purchase my book when it is finally for sale. I’m also using Twitter – though not as much as Facebook – to get the word out. Facebook and Twitter are also great for letting my followers know I’ve posted a piece on my blog. All this on-line material is intertwined – all working together to help me be successful. This is an amazing service. I’m learning more and more about using it as I go. 

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