Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trip pix

Some of my readers have been asking for photos from our recent trip. Here are a few of the things I found most interesting:

The Starn Banboo installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (now I said interesting, not that I particularly liked it)

The London Eye -- this was our second trip on it.

The dragon spire in Copenhagen (for some reason I got caught up with spires, ceilings, and roofs)

The Absolut Ice Bar in Stockholm -- and the vodka was almost non-existent

The amphitheater in Tallin Estonia where tens of thousands gather to sing

The paper mache chandelier at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg

The monument to Sebelius in Helsinki -- a favorite composer during my college days

The regatta in Oslo (through the rain drops on the ship's window)

The Prince Albert Memorial in the Kensington Gardens

The sea of trees of Central Park as seen from our hotel room in NYC

Notice anything? Yes, most of the photos show dark or rainy skies. That's what the weather was like in most places. Plus it was cold.