Friday, April 23, 2010

Retirement countdown

In less that a week I'll be unemployed. Scary but at the same time envigorating. I was in a nail shop at noon getting a quickie walk-in manicure, and I marveled at the women relaxing in those big chairs with the tubs with two people working on them -- one on their hands and one on their feet. And I thought that by this time next week I could relax in one of those chairs as long as I want. But, of course I won't. I've already created so many projects for myself that I wouldn't know how to fit in free time if I had to. My sister says I'll be foot loose and fancy free (now where did that term come from?), and I had to laugh. Moi? No that would never describe me.

So, with less than one work week to go I've almost completed my office demolition. I've filled up almost four barrel-size trash bags, I carted another huge amount of papers to our library, I've taken home four cartons of stuff, and I've thrown out mercilessly. So, what's left ? My paintings and my person toiletry items and probably a few little odds and ends. Also, I have just a few more work folders to got through. I'll give away or leave the rest here.

I feel like the judge on those reality shows: Is it in or is it out? Mostly I've been saying OUT and that feels good! 

I also have to complete three tasks: presenting the first draft of the website I've been working on since last November to the VP who owns the website, finish updating the proposal products I'm responsible for, and appearing on a Women's History Month panel to discuss what it was like working in the company back in the dark ages.

And, then it's party time. Instead of a lunch, I persuaded my boss to let me have a late afternoon dessert open house and invite other people in the company besides my department colleagues.
Yay! What a way to go!

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