Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A new poetic form

I don't usually pay much attention to poetic forms, but this one was part of the PAD prompt to: Write an ekphrastic poem. According to John Drury's The Poetry Dictionary, ekphrastic poetry is "Poetry that imitates, describes, critiques, dramatizes, reflects upon, or otherwise responds to a work of nonliterary art, especially the visual." The prompt came with two pictures to choose from. Here's the one I chose:

And here's my ekphrastic poem:

One forgets about the
orange and yellow leaves
of Autumn falling
on dry brush,
and takes no notice
of black clouds preceding
the first Winter storm
when a lithe beauty runs by
as if she is a new Spring bloom.

(inspired by Pocahontas, by Annie Leibovitz)

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