Sunday, April 18, 2010

No more new poems published here

Because of the possibility that posting can make a poem considered "published" in the eyes of some publishers, I have decided not to post anymore poems on my blogs. And that could very well cause the end of my blogging career since so much of what I post are my new poems.

I guess I’ll have to be more creative about what to blog in the future, i.e., only published poems, career and family news, and reports about what I did on my summer vacation. Or I’ll need to go back to the original premise of “Choices” – my bucket list and confine my Red Room blog to posts about my writing progress and insights.

I can’t even post my poem a day challenge poems to that website for fear of being rejected from having those poems published in the future.

I really am very much discouraged to find that so many calls for poetry submissions preclude poems posted on the web – including those posted on personal blogs which to me is not really publishing.

But, here is a typical submission guideline in that respect:
“Previously published manuscripts, including works that have appeared online (in any form), will not be considered.”

I’m thrilled when one of my poems is accepted for publication in anything other than my blogs, so I must abide by these guidelines. I don’t want anymore of my poems precluded from future publication.

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