Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A great movie! GO!

We saw “Julie and Julia” on Sunday.

A movie about a lesbian love affair? No, sorry to disappoint. This is a movie about food and cooking.

The Julia is Julia Child, and the Julie is Julie Powell, who decided to write a blog about cooking every one of the Julia Child recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year. What a brilliant idea. Plus at the end she had oodles of followers and comments and then newspaper interviewers who came to dinner and wrote about her the next day.

And lo and behold she had agents and publishers leaving messages for her, practically begging her to sign with them. In the end she got both a book and a movie deal. How could anyone be so lucky and smart? Plus now the Child books are flying off the shelves of the bookstores and Amazon, and cooking schools are filling up. What a boon for the cooking business. My friend, the owner of our local French restaurant, was quoted in the article about the movie today, and I suspect his business will also pick up. People will want French food after seeing that movie.

And the best part of the movie is that Meryl Streep played Julia. Meryl is an accent chameleon, but in this movie she was the best – in accent, in mannerisms, and in performing the cooking techniques. Meryl Streep IS Julia Child.

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