Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A couple things

I’m actually getting ready to go on a business trip. I’m going to McLean, VA – the location of our sister sector NGIS to take the proposal manager’s training. And, because my business American Express card had to be reinstated today, it’s clear that I haven’t been on a business trip for years.

This one is kind of exciting. First, I’m proud to have been asked to attend this class because it could open new work doors for me. And, since I’ll be in the area, I’ll be able to visit with family while I’m there. My sister-in-law just had back surgery, so hopefully she’ll be in the mood to receive guests. I’ll also get to see my niece and nephew and great niece and nephew. This visit will be an added bonus since I’ll see them the following weekend in Denver when we’re all there for my nephew’s wedding.

However, I must confess that I have a few misgivings about this trip. I haven’t travelled on my own like this for a long time – that is, getting a rental car and staying alone in a hotel room and finding my way from the hotel to the place where the class takes place and finding a place to work out. All this will take some getting used to. Sure, I know I’ll be okay, I just need to get back on the saddle again – so to speak. Just writing this all down makes me feel better already. Talk about writing to distress or heal. For me it does the trick.

I guess I need to comment on the Air France crash that happened early last Monday morning. What I cannot imagine is why the pilot decided to fly that route at all and why that question hasn’t been asked – at least I haven’t read or heard about it being asked. It reminds me of John Kennedy, Jr. taking off in bad weather and what happened to him as a result. The media says the pilot of the Air France plane was very experienced. If that were so, he should have known to avoid such a huge storm. Of course I could be way off base here. Maybe the storm came on so suddenly he had no chance to react. But, I think our meteorologists know a little about coming storms to have been able to predict that weather conditions along that route weren’t right for flying.

When I said all this to Bob yesterday he accused me of being very passionate about the subject. And, he’s right. I am. I had an uncle killed in a plane crash and my son has such a fear of flying that even talking about this crash creates anxiety in him. Besides Bob told me I am right to question the pilot’s decisions on this one. The pilot went into the eye of a storm 50 miles high as if he had a death wish.

Am I being unreasonably accusative? Let me know what you think.

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