Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Movie marathon weekend

We saw three films this past weekend in an effort to see as many Oscar nominated performances as possible before the awards show on Sunday night. We didn't see them all, but came pretty close.

Here's the run-down:

“Doubt” on Friday night -- I loved it – even though we saw the play. The script was very much fleshed out for the movie – the playwright did the screenplay so the story was consistent. And the acting was phenomenal – all the nominated actors – Meryl Streep for best actress, Amy Adams and Viola Davis each for best supporting actress, and Philip Seymour Hoffman for best supporting actor – all deserved their nominations. However, none of them won. Meryl and Amy showed their versatility because earlier in the year they each appeared in very different kinds of roles. And Hoffman is like a chameleon – he can be anyone he wants. Yes, Streep is a cameleon too.

“Frozen River” on Saturday afternoon -- This is a small independent film that I rented from Blockbuster. The lead, Melissa Leo, nominated for best actress, was wonderful in the part. I don’t remember ever seeing her before, but I've heard she’s been working in films for years. The script was also terrific. But, alas she didn’t win either. But what a transformation from how she looked in the film to how she looked on the Red Carpet on awards night. It’s amazing what a little makeup will do.

"Changeling" on Sunday afternoon – just before we turned on the Oscar awards show. I really resisted seeing this film because I can’t abide Angelina Jolie. And, the film in my mind was just okay. Her acting was just okay as well. She did look beautiful – but then, she’s a very beautiful woman. What I liked most about the film were the 1920’s Los Angeles set, and of course, the portrayal of how poorly the police treated women. They could throw them into a mental hospital on a whim – and have a doctor on their side mistreat the women once they were locked up. Absolutely despicable behavior. So, the movie had a good social message. Yet, it was very sad. The Jolie character loses her son. Stories about lost sons are pretty hard for me to take.

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