Sunday, January 25, 2009

More about goddesses

A shopkeeper new in our area is all involved in goddesses and Buddhas -- a woman after my own heart. Every month she has a goddess night in her store -- a way to drum up business and to celebrate the goddess in all women. So, pushy person that I am, I told her about our book, The Emerging Goddess, and after seeing more information about it on the book's website, she agreed to take some to sell at her store. My book partner is researching self-publishing a few for the store, and who knows, maybe some other venues as well.

Here's another goddess poem:

Aging Goddesses

The crones – our mothers, grandmothers,
sisters, aunts, old friends, and teachers
walk arm in arm in pairs,
each one supporting the other
on the old cobble-stoned streets.
They are squat, stout
with veiny legs and thick ankles,
their bare feet in flat sandals
showing jagged toenails
or clothed in thick hose
and wide oxfords.
Some move slowly barely able to walk,
clutching each other for support.
They are perfectly coifed.
Their hair short and bleached
hide their age
but not too much.
They wear suits
with skirts always below the knees.
Jeans just don’t do.

They talk as they walk
closely together.
Almost in a whisper
they solve the world’s problems,
impart their age-old wisdom,
or decide what they’ll cook for dinner.
They wear their age
as an example.
Softly, simply, elegantly
they are our muse.
They don’t hide
but rejoice in their age.
They thrive in their togetherness.
That’s what counts.
They aren’t alone as they walk
They walk together
as we follow behind.

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