Thursday, November 20, 2008

The women in my life - part 4

The ladies who keep me fit

Rosie is my sometime personal trainer. I’m not working with her right now, but that has more to do with the status of my pocketbook than about her abilities. She is short, energetic, fairly close to my age, and always concerned that I will be in enough balance in my old age so I can get on and off the toilet. I think that’s her mission in life – keeping her women clients in balance. But that’s a good thing. Plus when I work out with her, she never lets up for the whole hour. One exercise after another until I can barely move. I love that she is upbeat and can keep talking on any subject at a fast clip while she’s working me out. Even when I’m not working with her, if she sees I’m doing something incorrectly she’ll come over and make me do it right.

Erica is my adorable personal Pilates trainer. She also is a talker, but she stands close and scrutinizes my every move during each exercise. I’ve learned that Pilates is an exact practice – one little toe out of place and the whole exercise goes wrong. Even though Erica is young enough to be my daughter (maybe even my granddaughter) we have our love of everything Italian and our desire to learn to speak Italian in common. She also bakes bread and kneads it by hand; something I did when I was first married. I love that she took the time to read the poetry in my blog even though some of it is pretty dark.

Becky teaches the always-packed Saturday morning Spinning class and never ceases to entertain. She’s been around the club forever – I’m sure most people think she must own the place. That’s how concerned she is for the people who come there, her own personal training clients, and the status of the equipment and resources in the building. Most of her jokes are about her, her house – just down the block from mine – and her 30 plus year relationship with Fred. Right now I worry a bit about her. She is much too thin. But, boy does she have definition in her upper arms! She’s pretty amazing for a woman over 60. Plus she loves country and western music – one of my faves.

Vanessa teaches the Pilates class I try to attend every other week. I don’t know what it is about these trainers. She’s a talker too. And she always is bringing out Pilates moves I’ve never even seen before let alone know how to do. Last week it was jumps, the week before it was the clap-clap. But all those moves are invigorating and really get to where my body needs it. Plus she knows the website for finding an apartment in Rome.

Kelly is the best Yoga instructor. Her system is Yoga Flow, so for however long I can stand being in class, there is no letting up. She must have us do 50 downward dogs. I haven’t been going to class much lately because I do so much Pilates, but I still do Yoga outside of class. It’s a perfect way to stretch after my morning workouts. Kelly also is a newly-graduated doctor of Chinese medicine. I love her spirituality and calmness and her bright smile. I promise to go back to her class one of these days.

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