Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The women in my life - part 3

My beauty team

Every woman needs a beauty team. These women make up mine:

Ruth does my finger and toe nails and she always entertains. When I first met her she had flowing long blonde hair, now it’s short and spiky. She’s short too with a definite pear-shaped figure. She likes to talk about food – what she’s making for dinner, what I’m making for dinner, who is coming over for dinner, where she’s going out to dinner, and what she just had for lunch while standing up in the supply room between clients. She also likes to gossip a little bit, but that’s what’s supposed to go on in beauty salons. Turns out she works on a few people I know, so we have to be careful about that.

Lori, my hair stylist, is tall and gorgeous and she has the most beautiful tattoos covering her back and arms – and maybe other places I haven’t seen yet. Plus does she know how to do hair. And, she’s been through a lot with my hair – weaving in low lights, dying it totally, and now working with me as I grow out my gray. She also gleefully cut it a few months back when I suggested it on a whim. But now, probably to her dismay, I’ve decided to grow it long again. Maybe that’s what hairdressers do best – just go along with the changing minds of their women clients – to dye or not to dye, to cut or not to cut? Lori is always ready to go along with the flow. And, she’s so sweet about it too.

Ginger gives a massage to die for. In fact last night I told her, her touch was so hard she was killing me. But, there’s a pattern there. When we’re talking she goes in deeper; when we’re quiet her touch is more gentle. But, I do like a hard and deep massage, and she has the arms and hands to make that happen. And she is a marvel. She has successfully lost and kept off about 200 pounds over the few years that I’ve known her, and, she has a successful business at the young age of 34. Not to mention that she is a devoted daughter and sister. She’s been through a lot with her family.

Dinah probably gives the best facials in town. I love her style, her touch, and the concern she has for my skin. It’s never looked better -- and that's saying a lot at my age. She also is working with me as I grow out my over-plucked brows – and gotten me out of my nightly plucking habit. With her care, I haven't looked ragged throughout this process. Dinah is also quick to laugh and engage me in long conversations about her dating life. Ah, the dating life. Thank goodness, I’m no longer doing that. But, it’s definitely interesting to hear about how someone else is doing it. Kudos to Dinah. She is both friendly and professional, and another successful business woman at a very young age. She and Ginger share an office space – each with their own well-decorated small, peaceful studio. They’ve created a spa without the spa.

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