Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The day after

I know I said this wouldn't be a political blog. But I couldn't help myself again today.

This is the day after Election Day. This is the day to celebrate. This is the day to rejoice that the Republican right wing conservatives will no long lead our country into ruin. This is the day to move forward into a renewed future led by the first black American president of the United States.This is indeed a day that all of America and the world will remember.

But, I must admit I was for Hillary. I wanted there to be a first woman president before the first black American. Obama is young, I thought. He could have waited. This was perhaps Hillary’s last chance and because she didn’t win this time, because she got so much flack from her fellow feminists, I doubt that another woman of her caliber will give it a try for quite some time.

And, even though I was a huge Hillary fan, I went full force for Barack. I had to. There was no other choice. I even worked in the phone bank for him – once. And, I advertised my support on Facebook. Plus I gave him a few bucks – not as much as I gave Hillary, but I did give some.

Now, I hear him, I hear the crowds roar for him, and I see a world dancing in the streets because he won. And I know in my heart that they are right. This is a man who won’t have any baggage to rely on. This is a man who comes with a clean slate. Some said his lack of experience is a drawback. But, in his case I think it is a plus. He has the brains and imagination to turn our country around. And he has the humility to know when he needs help. He won’t hesitate to admit when he is wrong and to get the right people on his side to help move things along.

So, I admit I was wrong. The rest of the country and the world were right. They had faith in this guy while I looked at him as my second choice. He is my president elect now. And I’m very proud that our country made that happen.

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