Saturday, December 1, 2007

More on beauty

Actually, I want to start with Gail’s reaction to my blog – that it’s good to write things down rather than having those thoughts continually rolling around in your head. She said, “Expressing the thought on paper so frequently defines it in ways abstractly thinking does not.” I agree.

And now about those sun damage -- AKA, age (liver) spots....
In a little while I’m going for a facial – the object is to get my face clean and ready for the photofacial treatment I’m going to have on Monday. This – at the recommendation of my facial lady, Dinah – is supposedly going to help get rid of those spots I have all over my face. In the last few years I’ve tried so many different products – Kinerase, Glytone with 4% hydroquinone, Vitamin C, and now an organic product that is supposed to lighten skin discolorations – and nothing seems to work. I also, on top of everything I use, slather my face with sun block in the slim chance that I’ll expose it to the sun during the day. That, I might add, is almost impossible during the work week. And when I go out on the weekends, I am doubly careful – sun block and a hat. So, we’ll see what the photofacial does though I don’t expect results with the first treatment. I’ll know more on Monday how many treatments it will take, or if it has a chance of being successful at all.

I certainly didn’t know when I was a girl that going to the beach every day during the summer and greasing up with oil and iodine to get the most effects from the sun’s rays were remotely harmful. Even later on when we lived on an island in the South Pacific very close to the Equator I had no knowledge of the benefits of sunscreen. In fact, I don’t even think sunscreen existed then. Ben, too, suffers the effects of sun exposure from those island years. He’s had several precancerous moles taken off his back.

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